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 "Why are we still here?" (I Can tell you why)

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PostSubject: "Why are we still here?" (I Can tell you why)   Mon 28 Jan 2013, 03:11

Sam, i can clearly tell you the reason we are all still here, it is because this server ment alot to the members still here me & everyone else had the time of our lives playing on here i was just a player long ago that earned mod then earned admin then u gave me head admin it was always amazing playing on project forever i have memories from the server i can never forget the community was great the staff was amazing and you were always a good owner i can't stand seeing this server still down if you get this message i hope you realise how much this server truly means to each and every one of us and i hope you start developing and making the new server i hope that i can join you once again to be head admin or maybe even a co-owner i will always be here to help you and assist you in anything sam.

Thanks for listening sam&community

-Veteran Administrator & Head of Donation Advertisements. Slayeduson.-
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"Why are we still here?" (I Can tell you why)
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